Interchange – the place to get your “exotic” currency!


Interchange – the place to get your “exotic” currency!

It is interesting that many travellers going abroad prepare for their trip by buying dollars, euros or pounds, irrespective of their destination, as it probably doesn’t occur to them that they could actually buy Chinese yuan renminbi, Arabian dirham, Turkish lira or any of the many other ‘exotic’ currencies that might be needed before they leave home.  Especially in countries where the euro or dollar is the local currency, tourists often don’t bother to exchange money in advance, since they are most likely to take a card, and only after they arrive at their destination do they withdraw cash from an ATM or local exchange office.

With more and more Asian, South American and other travellers arriving into Europe each day (where we operate at seven international airports and the city centres of many of the most popular tourist destinations, eg. Rome, Nice, Prague, Budapest, Vienna…), Interchange is always happy to exchange a customer’s home currency for the local currency.  Especially when non-EU tourists arrive in a country outside the Eurozone, they are welcome to keep the euros that they have brought with them for use in the other Eurozone countries, and then buy crowns in the Czech Republic, forints in Hungary or zloty in Poland in exchange for their home currency.   This means, of course, that the majority of Interchange offices, particularly those in countries with operations at the airport, are often holding a large number of different currencies which they are able to sell to customers, whether they are locals going on holiday or tourists returning home.

It depends on each individual country, but generally Interchange usually offers the widest range of foreign currencies on the market. Even in some European offices, customers can exchange the Thai bath, Singapour dollar or South African rand.  However, as the stock of these less frequent currencies fluctuates on a more or less daily basis, it is generally better to order your exotic currency in advance.

The easiest way to do this is through the online currency reservation system on your country’s website, where Interchange offers a 0% fee and some of the best rates on the market. The online application form is connected with Interchange’s internal system and it is able to check within seconds whether the requested currency is in stock, and at which office.   Even if it is not available straightaway, customers are able to send a request by email and the order can be ready for collection within a couple of days.

No matter whether you are headed to a euro or dollar destination, or somewhere that has its own currency, therefore, it is worth checking our website and ordering and collecting your currency directly from Interchange!